Our office has provided comprehensive legal services to a land and construction development company, located in the Bratislava region, since 2005. During this period we have been its exclusive legal advisor, and the development company purchased several land units in Bratislava and the neighborhood, sold significant land unit to a major investment group, and realized several construction projects in Bratislava. Legal advisory included mainly the following areas:

  • elaboration of all needed legal documents regarding preparation of projects, their construction and sale
  • legal services related to financing real estate projects
  • legal management of the development, evaluation of development process from the legal point of view
  • administration of the corporate structures of the developer, including foreign corporate structures, legal and property reconstruction of the developers corporate structure
  • legal services during construction and operation of the facilities, supply of electricity, gas and heat
  • legal services during joint venture project of the residential units with global investment fund, including exit of investment fund and take-over of project by the developer
  • Legal services during realization of the joint venture project of the land development project with significant local investment group, including exit of the developer and settlement of rights and duties

Realized projects

Project: Bratislava – Krasňany, Locality Slanec

Legal services regarding:

  • land plots unification
  • preparation for the construction of engineering networks and during the construction of networks
  • construction of residential project consisting of 5 apartment buildings and 125 family houses
  • financing of the construction of the residential project
  • sale of houses, apartments and non-residential premises to buyers
  • sale of land to buyers

Development of land in Bernolákovo – Chorvátsky Grob – Svätý Jur

Legal services regarding:

  • investigation of ownership rights and reconstruction of ownership rights (restitutions, evaluation of various titles)
  • purchase of land from original owners
  • land plots unification through land arrangement proceedings in cadastral areas of Bernolákovo, Chorvátsky Grob and Svätý Jur
  • change of land use function of land units (changes and amendments of land plans and zoning)
  • preparation of land units for the construction of engineering networks
  • sale of land units to investor

Sale of land in Bernolákovo – Chorvátsky Grob – Svätý Jur

Legal services regarding:

  • sale of shares of the project company owning the land with foreign corporate structures
  • sale of land, movables and documentation related to sold land
  • settlement of legal relations with the investor

Land development in areas of Bratislava – Vinohrady and Bratislava – Rača

Legal advisory for purchase of land from original owners and land plots unification the land units through land arrangement proceedings.

Locality Koliba – Stráže, Bratislava

Legal services during the construction of technical infrastructure and at arrangement of the legal relations of the land owners in the locality regarding the co-ownership of the technical infrastructure.

Locality Koliba, Bratislava

Comprehensive legal advisory during the realization of the project of the residential apartment building Brečtanka, including all stages of realization of the project (including entry of global investment fund to the project)

Development of the locality Horný Slanec, Bratislava – Krasňany

Legal advisory regarding:

  • purchase of the land
  • organizing ownership rights in the area through land arrangement proceedings
  • construction of technical infrastructure
  • sale of land

Joint venture projects

Legal advisory regarding the joint venture project of the client with global investment fund, including:

  • contractual relations at entry to the project (joint venture agreement and related contracts)
  • exit of the global investment fund from the joint venture, take-over of control over the project company and settlement of mutual financial and contractual relations
  • legal relations regarding financing the exit of the client (bank financing)

Projects Cassovar (Košice), Cubicon (Bratislava – Mlynská Dolina), Slnečnice (Bratislava – Petržalka)

Legal advisory for the supplier of heat, gas and electricity, including:

  • legal set-up of the technical solution of the supply of gas, electricity and heat
  • legal relations with the developers (framework cooperation, purchase of the land and non-residential premises, establishment of the easements, etc.)
  • project financing of the investment of the client into technical facilities needed for heat, gas and electricity
  • legal relations with the consumers

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